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1099, Berlier St.
Laval, QC
H7L 3Z1

TEL  :
 1 450 669-1506
FREE: 1 855 669-3045
FAX  : 1 450 669-6501
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Indoor Furniture
Outdoor Furniture
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Indoor Furniture
Barstools (Molded shell)
Barstools (Other)
Barstools (Wood) Classic
Barstools (Wood) Econo
Barstools (Wood) High End
Barstools (Wood) Signature
Barstools (Wood) Traditional
Bases (Other)
Bases (Vintage)
Booth seating
Chairs (Banquet)
Chairs (Molded shell)
Chairs CLASSIC (Wood)
Chairs ECONO (Wood)
Chairs HIGH END (Wood)
Chairs SIGNATURE (Wood)
Contract Upholstery
Crowd Control
folding tables
Gallery Int.
Hotel acc. (L Carts)
Hotel acc. (Self Service)
Hotel acc. (Valet)
Lecterns & Podiums
Mobile bars
Modular seating
The 50’s
Tops (Other)
Tops (Self edge)
Tops (Solid wood)
Tops (Wood Edge)
Outdoor Furniture
Bar table
Barstools (Outdoor)
BBQ Accessories
Booth seating (outdoor)
Cast aluminum (Furniture)
Chairs (Adirondack)
Chairs (Aluminum)
Chairs (Cushions)
Chairs (Resin)
Chairs (Sling & Strap)
Chairs (Woven)
Chaises lounge
Fire pit
Gallery Ext.
Occasional tables
Outdoor bars
Outdoor kitchens
Indoor & Outdoor
Bases (Aluminum)
Bases (Cast iron)
Bases (Stainless)
Benches w/back
Benches w/o back
Chairs (Metal)
Chairs (P. carbonate)
Cluster seating
Food Court
Tops (Ind/Outd)
Search Engines
Key Words (FR)
Key Words (EN)
Key Phrases (FR)
Key Phrases (EN)
Bancs Benches Bancs aluminium Aluminum benches
Bancs extérieur Outdoor benches
Banquettes Booth seating Banquettes en bois Wood booth seating
Banquettes rebourrées Upholstered booth seating
Banquettes en stratifié HP laminate booth seating
Banquettes en métal Metal booth seating
Banquettes capitonnées Tufted booth seating
Bases Bases Bases de table Table bases
Bases de table en fonte Cast iron table bases
Bases de table aluminium Aluminum table bases
Bases de table en métal Metal table bases
Bases de table en bois Wood table tops
Bases de table en acier inoxydable Stainless steel table bases
Bases de table ouvrées Ornate table bases
Bases de table carrées Square table bases
Bases de table ronde Round table bases
Bases de table en croix Cross table bases
Bases de table 3 pattes 3 legged table bases
Base de table hauteur bar Bar height table bases
Bases de table avec appui pied Foot rest table bases
Bases de table murale Cantelever
Bases de table boulonnées Bolt down table bases
Veilles bases de table Vintage table bases
Bases de table en polycarbonne Polycarbonate table bases
Bases de parasol Umbrellas bases
Dessus de Tables Table Tops Dessus de table extérieur Outdoor table tops
Dessus Werzalit Werzalit table tops
Dessus en aluminium Aluminum table tops
Dessus en teck Teak table tops
Dessus de table econo Econo table tops
Dessus de table inoxydable Stainless table tops
Dessus de table sandstone Standstone table tops
Dessus de table granite Granit table tops
Dessus de table bordure de bois Wood edge table tops
Tables d'appoint Occasionnal tables
Chaises Chairs Chaises de metal Metal chairs
Chaises de bois Wood chairs
Chaises en résine Resin chairs
Chaises en polycarbonne Polycarbone chairs
Chaises aluminium Aluminum chairs
Chaises tressées Woven chairs
Chaises longues Deck chairs
Chaises en cuir Leather chairs
Chaises empilable Stacking chairs
Chaises de banquet Banquet chairs
Chaises en fonte d'aluminium Cast aluminum chairs
Tabourets Barstools Tabourets de metal Metal barstools
Tabourets de bois Wood barstools
Tabourets en résine Resin barstools
Tabourets en polycarbonne Polycarbone barstools
Tabourets aluminium Aluminum barstools
Tabourets tressées Woven barstools
Tabourets en cuir Leather barstools
Tabourets de fonte d'aluminium Cast aluminum barstools
Supports Stanchions Controle de foule Crowd control
Supports avec cordon Roped stanchions
Présentoir Display unit Enseignes de menu Menu signs
Presentoirs de brochures Brochure holders
Boite de depot Drop box
Accessoires Accessories
Ameublement Furniture Espace de restauration Food couret
Espaces extérieur Outdoor space
Tables regroupés Cluster seating
Ameublement de terrasse Outdoor furniture
Rembourrage Soft seating Sofa lit Sofa bed
Causeuse Loveseat
Fauteuil Armchair
Pouf Ottoman Modulaire Modular seating
Sectionnels Sectional seating
Ameublement lounge Lounge seating
Salle de réception Reception hall
Lutrin Lectern
Podiums Podiums
Ameublement d'hotel Hotel furniture
Charriots de baggage Luggage carts
Hotel enregistrement libre service Hotel self service check in
Bar mobile Portable bars
Réceptacles de recyclage Recycle bins
Réceptacles Receptacles
Poubelles Trash receptacle
Bacs à plantation Planters
Bars Bars Arrière bar Back bars
Comptoirs de service Service counters
Comptoirs d'accueil Hostess counters
Foyer Fire pits Cuisine extérieure Outdoor kitchen
Bars extérieur Outdoor bars
Grill BBQ BBQ Grills
Accessoires BBQ BBQ accessories
Parasols Umbrellas Annees 50 The Fifties
Tissus Fabric
Vinyle Vinyl
Cuirette Lestherette
Sealskin Snakeskin
Lezard skin Lezard skin

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